Preparing for your first dance

5 things to consider for your First Dance

1 - Song Choice

Song choice is really important! Pick a song or songs that represent you as a couple. Is there a song that always reminds you of your other half? Doesn't have to be a slow one, in fact sometimes a mixture makes it more fun for you and your guests, or a more upbeat song. Also, don’t just pick a song because it’s top of the charts that year! If you’re more into rock and roll music or heavy rock then choose a song in that genre. At the end of the day it’s your First Dance and you want those memories forever!

2 - Dance style

Now that you have chosen your song or songs the next step is to decide what style you will do. A simple google of the songs will help you with what music category they fall into then help you decide your style. If you get really stuck, contact someone like myself who will be able to guide you and advise you on the sort of moves that go well with what you’ve chosen.

3 - Classes/Routine

You've chosen your music and your dance style. The next step is to decide how long you want to be dancing for before your guests join or if you're going to dance for the whole song. Once this is decided, then you can start working on your routine/moves. Again, if you’re really stuck, contact someone like myself who will be able to help you create your First Dance

4 - Clothing

I don't mean your wedding outfit, although you do need to consider what you’ll be wearing the day - puffy dress, tight dress, skirt, suit etc. What I’m referring more to is what you will wear for your dance classes, on the assumption you’ve decided to have some help. So, apologies for any gender stereotypes it’s just easier to explain this way, there is nothing to stop a guy wearing a dress or a lady to wear a suit, you get this gist of what I mean.

Ladies - skirt as close to the fit of your dress as possible and shoes similar to your wedding shoes

Gents - smart trousers and shoes - why?

This affects the choreography and it allows you to become accustomed to how it will feel on the actual day.

5 - Practice

The most important part! 5-10 minutes a day to practice between your classes and even when your classes have ended will ensure the routine stays in your head. It will also help you to be able to tell your teacher where you're struggling with the routine so that any changes can be made accordingly. Make sure you practice in your shoes and rehearsal clothes as well!

One last thing, on your wedding day; on the day just relax and remember no one knows the routine apart from you two. If you go wrong or forget it really doesn't matter.

The important thing is to have fun and enjoy the moment!

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