How do I sell my dress?

Register, then login to the site and then complete the formin your dashboard and make your payment. You will be notified once your listing is online. Please delete your ad once you have sold your dress.

How do I upload photos?

Instructions are in the listing form once you have logged in. Photos need to be in jpg format and no larger than 4MB each. Usually an upload issue is when sellers are uploading multiple photos, all of 2-4MB, which would then need a large wifi upload speed such as a fibre package. If your ad did not upload your photos or save, then best way is to create the ad with the text and upload just one photo and save it. Then go back and upload another photo, and so on.  You can change your photos at any time.

Please note we cannot use stock shots from certain designers - you will receive an email if your ad needs to have photos of your actual dress and not stock shots. Whilst your ad is pending stock shots being removed it will remain offline - you may want to remove the stock shots immediately whilst you replace with photos of your own dress at a later date. We also need to respect copyright issues of photos - please do not upload photos with website urls written on them or photos from other weddings as these will also need to be removed and replaced.

How will I receive enquiries about my dress?

Please check your emails (and spam folders) to see if we have notified you of an enquiry - you will need to login to your dashboard to read and reply. Email enquiries will come via the site as potential buyers will use the email contact form on your ad. 

How long will my advert run for?

There are 2 ad period options: 

  • £10 for 6 months - ideal for those who are selling current, well known and sought after dress model/style numbers, or those sellers who have priced their dress very reasonably.
  • £15 for 12 months – our recommended option.

You will get a reminder close to the renewal time and can relist for a further period. If your dress has not been relisted after the renewal reminder it will be removed.

How do I know if an enquiry is genuine?

Please ensure you read our "selling safely" page so that you are aware of typical scam email wording that is unfortunately common across internet sales sites such as ebay, Gumtree and many other sites around the world. If in doubt contact before parting with a payment to a buyer. 

If you realise you have been the victim of an attempted scam and have received emails from a buyer which claim to be from "Paypal" please forward that to and report the attempted crime to Action Fraud Online at

If you're received a scam email report it to the internet service provider (ISP) that was used to send you the email. If the scam email came from a Yahoo account send it to Gmail has  a"Report spam" button and Hotmail has a "Report phishing" button. 

Please note we will never text sellers - if you receive a text saying it is from "SMWD" then please be suspicious and refer to our selling safely page for more info on scammers.

Do you charge commission?

No - we don't charge commission or referral fees. The charge to list your dress is £10 for 6 months or £15 for 12 months and all the proceeds from the sale are yours.

Will you buy my dress from me?

No - we offer the facility to list your dresses for sale only. Dress agencies will buy your dress from you and store it in their show rooms for potential purchasers to try on but that is why they charge a percentage of the sale price from you. With you keep the dress at your home until someone views it and then purchases it. That is why you are able to make more money from the sale of your dress with us, as you keep all the proceeds of the sale yourself.

What details should I put on my ad?

You should try to give us much info about your dress and your measurements as possible, especially if the photos do not do the item justice.

Selling multiple items

Please note the price you pay is per item only - therefore if you wish to sell a bolero/veil/tiara/shoes etc as well, it must be listed separately on the site. If adequate payments have not been received, this will delay your ad being published whilst we contact you to ask for text to be edited. Any text that refers to other items being "available" and invites contact from a potential buyer to discuss, will need to be removed. 

How will people find my ad?

We do extensive marketing of the website, both online and offline and have active social media accounts - please share our social media pages!

How do I work out what to sell my dress for?

Your dress will have significant value to you - both in monetary and emotional terms. However a secondhand wedding dress will not have the same value as what you originally paid for it. The best way to decide what price to sell it for is to think about what you would be willing to pay for it secondhand or the lowest price you would accept. It is better to sell at a lower price than risk not selling it at all and for the style to become out of date. Alternatively, add "ono" to your listing if you are willing to take an offer.

Do you sell new and unworn wedding dresses too?

Yes - if possible try and show tags in your photos or mention that the tags are still intact/the dress is brand new, in your listing. You will be likely to get more money for your item than if it has been used so the price should reflect this.

I've had my dress a while, can I still sell it?

Bridal fashions do change so after a while your dress may not be as popular as it would have been previously. The price should therefore reflect this and it may take longer to sell. We don't recommend trying to sell your dress on the site if it is more than 3-4 years old but it will certainly help if you have as much info as possible to give in your listing. All dresses should have been professionally cleaned and stored. 

Cancellation of your ad

Once payment of your ad has been received your ad will be published within 48 hours. We are only able to give refunds if your ad has not already been published.