Technical support - uploading photos

Each image should be no larger than 4MB otherwise it won't upload but another reason photos won't upload, is due to the speed of your internet connection when uploading a large file. If you are having problems, please upload one photo, save it, then return to upload each photo, one at a time, saving each one as you go - rather than trying to upload 4-5 photos at one time. Please also check that the image is the correct way round before uploading- if you hover over the photo that you have uploaded before saving it, you will see a little rotation icon - click that to rotate a photo. Please note that all your file names should be different, otherwise duplicates will be uploaded. If your Iphone or Ipad has duplicated the photos then try uploading one, then saving and exiting, then repeating with the next photo, and so on.

We are not allowed to use certain designer stock shots - you will be notified if you need to use photos of your actual dress. 

Technical support - receiving emails from potential buyers

To ensure you receive emails from the site please add and to your safe senders list - particularly if you have a Hotmail, Yahoo, gmail or live email account.

Payment queries

Payment can be made via your control panel by card or Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account you can still use a debit or credit card and do a one-off transaction, without needing to set up a Paypal account, just follow the instructions to pay by Paypal and choose the one-off transaction option to send payment to

Reasons why your ad may not be listed online within 24 hours

Once the form is completed and payment made, your ad will be "pending publishing" whilst we check it and then publish. We endeavour to publish ads within a few hours and frequently work evenings and weekends to ensure delays are as minimal as possible but please bear in mind that sometimes we do have to be out of the office. If your ad was paid for during normal working office hours and has not gone online within 24 hours, please check your email (and junk mail folders) to see if we have advised an issue with your photos or text, meaning your ad is pending publication whilst these issues are resolved. Generally all ads are published on the same day of your payment but it can take up to 72 hours when allowing for weekends and Bank Holidays.

If there are issues with your photos your ad will remain as pending published and you will be asked to change your photos if we suspect that you do not have the owner’s permission to use them, i.e. they have been taken from another wedding or they are stock shots from a website or a wedding dress designer. Some designers have refused permission for their stockshots to be used on any website that does not belong to an authorised boutique or stockist. Please do not upload photos with website urls on them - these will also need to be removed due to copyright issues.

Selling multiple items

Please note the price you pay is per item - therefore if you wish to sell a bolero/veil/tiara/shoes etc as well, it must be listed separately on the site. If adequate payments have not been received, this will delay your ad being published whilst we contact you to ask for text to be edited. Any text that refers to other items being "available" and invites contact from a potential buyer to discuss further will need to be removed. 

Advertising enquiries

To advertise your business on our website please contact for information on banner prices, locations and sizes.